123 Reducing costs

When painting with thick paint, when layers can be half an inch thick, it’s important to have access to good quality, inexpensive paint. In a recent post several readers made comments that alerted me to sources of very inexpensive supplies. I checked the sources and discovered they were much cheaper than the supplies I have been using. I review these price saving sources and tips in the following video (with links below).

Over time I will expand this blog entry to include other inexpensive painting supplies. I hope you will make comments and let me know of any alternative sources you may know about.

Inexpensive paints in tubes, jars, cans, and dry pigments: RGH Artist’s Oils
Stretched canvases up to 30″ x 40″, gallery wrap in two thicknesses: Artist Brand Canvas
Canvas in rolls: Allens Canvas
G-gel, alkyd painting medium: Gamblin Colors
Burnt Plate Oil #8: Graphic Chemical

If you order from RGH Artist’s Paints please mention my name. I appreciate your support.

Special thanks to Robert Britton, Jr., Robert Votch, Steve Ladd, and Mark Robison.

Brad Teare June 2013

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Updated: 13th July 2024
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