122 Working toward the center

In this latest abstract, The Center Will Hold, 24″ x 24″, a large landscape was sitting behind my easel as I painted this new piece. I was shocked by the contrast between the two methods of painting. The abstract was fresh and bright. The landscape by comparison appeared gray, washed out, and the brushstrokes seemed uncertain. It was a sharp reminder that one of my major goals in landscape painting is to get the kind of freshness I’m currently getting in my abstract paintings. It also reinforced my conviction that taking time to develop the abstracts is an excellent method to reinvigorate my landscape paintings.

The abstract project is legitimate on its own terms. It will also prove to be an excellent way to explore more color and texture possibilities which I can later incorporate into my landscapes.

In a past post I called these abstract experiments my color lab. I think the description is apt.

Brad Teare May 2013

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Updated: 17th January 2022
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