124 Between earth and sky, 40″ x 30″

I painted this large abstract from a small 8″ x 8″ color study I painted with oil sticks from R&F Handmade paints. This was the first time I’ve painted an abstract so large and it was somewhat daunting. I used the rest of my Indigo Blue I ordered from RGH Artists Paints. It was a 250ml jar which I used on just two paintings so I am getting the paint on plenty thick.

The photograph is lacking. It seems the bigger the painting the harder it is to photograph. I actually ordered a light tent as recommended by Robert Britton, Jr., but realized it would take up most of my studio so I hurriedly canceled the order. I will wait until I expand my studio to reorder.

The paint will be wet for a month or more so I have plenty of time to make changes if necessary. Right now I’m thinking perhaps the bottom green section is too green. I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.

Brad Teare June 2013

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