172 Plein air jump start

One of the hardest aspects of landscape painting is painting in the field. To help that situation I’ve devised a series of videos–offered via Gbox–that will help painters move forward with their plein air painting.

This course will be especially helpful if you feel stalled in your plein air progress. The first two videos–really one video divided into two 12 minute segments– highlight how to use a preliminary drawing as a stepping stone to a successful painting.

Below is the intro to the series and beneath that are the two Gbox videos. I’m starting with the basics. I hope you enjoy them. I noticed the team at Gbox have added a PayPal option which works great. Be sure to ask questions in the comments section below. I ‘d love to taylor this series to your needs. Many thanks.

One explanation I skipped in the first video was that I simply drew an outline of the scene and then shaded in the approximate values. It happens really fast and I didn’t demonstrate that in the video. The rest of the video is adding detail and adjusting values while thinking about the upcoming painting process.

Brad Teare–May 2014

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Updated: 26th September 2022
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