171 Shooting a promo photo

Most artists are introverts. If you’re like me one of the things you dislike most is shooting a promotional photograph. Tonight I shot the photo at right using a device called the Selfy. It’s a remote trigger that syncs with your iPhone. All you have to do is sync it—there is no app or other download. Note that the trigger comes with a case. It appears to be a nice enough case but it is not essential to attach the case for the trigger to work. I use a battery pack so didn’t use the Selfy case. Frankly I was surprised the remote was so easy to use. I’m kind of a Neo-Luddite and the thought of difficult installations are painful. 

To get this shot I stacked a bunch of canvases against my taboret, turned the desklamp–with 60 watt incandescent bulb– toward my face and snapped about 20 pictures with the Selfy. I like this one the best because the lighting across my face seemed the most expressive. 

I rigged my StudioBoom with a device to grip my iPhone and turned the viewing mode so I could see the shot in the LCD display. I’ve never had fun taking promo shots until I used this set up. I think this is the first self promo shot where I’m smiling.

Brad Teare—May 2014


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