167 Maroger medium substitute

Maroger medium is a useful but toxic medium prized by painters working in a realist tradition. I have been using a reliable substitute that has no turpentine or lead. It has nearly all the same properties, although it does lack thixotropic qualities. But it has the advantage that it can be customized to be thicker or thinner depending on your use. In this video I demonstrate how to make an easily prepared and safe substitute for Maroger medium. If you click the buy now button in the video frame you will get $3 worth of free credit to spend on videos with no obligation. Just type in your name and email.

One thing that wasn’t captured on the video is that painting into this thick but buttery medium is just plain fun!

I use this medium to oil up the canvas, using it like a thick couch. I hope you find this medium as useful as I do. Let me know what you think.

Brad Teare‚ÄďApril 2014

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Updated: 1st October 2022
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