121 Experimenting with paint

I’ve been experimenting lately with abstract painting. I find it an excellent way to focus on design and color. I think of my abstract painting experience as my paint lab. It’s an exciting way to try new color schemes and to relax and let the paint do the painting. I got the idea for these thicker oil abstracts while taking closeup photos of my realist landscape paintings to show the broken color. I loved the profusion of intermingled color without the distraction of reality. Each square inch looked like a large abstract painting. For more info on painting with broken color go here.

One downside to painting with extremely loaded strokes of color is that you use a lot of paint. In the following video I used paint from RGH Artists’ Paints, a source fellow painter Robert Britton, Jr. recently wrote about. Robert did an analysis of cost and color comparison of RGH paints here.

I found the RGH colors vibrant, thickly textured, creamy yet opaque. I bought a nice assortment of colors and in the future I will be reordering this excellent paint. If you need lots of high-quality yet reasonably priced paint I highly recommend this company.

Brad Teare 2013

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Updated: 17th January 2022
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