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In my continued effort to leverage digital communication Im currently making what I hope will be an entertaining multimedia website using Wix.

Wix is a HTML5-based site building tool that promises to be an inexpensive alternative to other website creation options. The main problem with my previous website was it didn’t fully communicate the unique aspects of my artistic project. In order to deepen communication I need to fuse the best aspects of a website with the strengths of a blog.

The days of posting a site with your name and image linking to a series of stamp-sized paintings are over. At its best a website should explain your artistic project in as many ways as possible as clearly as possible. Adding the social media of a blog increases the site’s potential. On my new site I plan to have this video as well as audio clips to further explain how and why I paint landscapes the way I do. Each page will also include various social media apps allowing for user feedback.

Many claim we are in a communication revolution. It follows that those who communicate the best will prevail in this revolution. I made the following video in the hopes of better communicating the scope of my artistic project thereby successfully expanding that project.

Let me know what you think.

Brad Teare May 2013

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