118 Dubai debut

I was honored to be featured in the art and design section of the May edition of Gulf Connoisseur magazine. Gulf Connoisseur, published in Dubai, is the premier lifestyle magazine of the Gulf region. It was a pleasure to work with Meena Das Narayan, the editor-in-chief and publisher. In addition to her duties at the magazine she is a filmmaker, painter, and poet. She did an excellent job showcasing the paintings as well as writing the article. I take my hat off to both her and her staff.

Take a look at the English online version here. To view my article type in 126 in the small rectangle at the bottom of the page. That will jump you to page 126, the intro to the first page of the article. Or you can use the contents button (on the left) to go to the article Imprints of Impressionism.

The magazine has extremely high production standards. I was surprised the magazine was printed at 350 dpi (most publications print at 300dpi) but the results were well worth it. The magazine has a sumptuousness that few American magazines achieve. The paper quality is exceptional and the colors are amazingly accurate. The magazine is published in English, Arabic, and Russian.

It was an honor to be included in the 10th anniversary editionI hope you enjoy the magazine as much as I did.

Brad Teare May 2013

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Updated: 17th January 2022
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