66 The Best 5 Books about Thick Paint

I have a large library of art books that I enjoy looking through from time to time. But what if I could only have the best five books? Which ones would they be? It didn’t take long to pick out my favorites. For one thing they are near my easel for easy reference. Although there are other books I have greatly enjoyed these are the best.

CARLSON’S GUIDE TO LANDSCAPE PAINTING by John F. Carlson  Of all the books in my library this the the most essential. Although not specifically about painting with thick paint it gives all the principles necessary to paint with confidence with thick applications. This is probably the most recommended book on landscape painting.

VAN GOGH BY D. M. Field There are lots of books about Van Gogh but most have poor reproductions. This is one of the best for the price. Van Gogh is one of the all time great painters in thick paint so you need at least one of his books in your library.

WHAT PAINTING IS by James Elkins Although this book will not suit everyone’s tastes it is one of the few books that discusses in detail the physical act of mixing and applying paint.

THE GROUP OF SEVEN by David P. Wilcox This book is replete with beautifully composed landscapes. Not all of the Seven painted thickly but there is a lot of virtuoso painting in this volume.

RUSSIAN IMPRESSIONISM by Vladimir Kruglov and Vladimir Lenyashin This beautiful book is replete with fantastic paintings few have seen. And there are lots of paintings with thick, lush strokes since many of the Russian painters of the era specialized in thick applications. I noticed that this book is currently quite expensive but check back occasionally. I have seen it used for a reasonable price. Until then you may want to substitute the book Pioneering Modern Painting: Cezanne and Pizzarro (see link below) which is a beautiful book in its own way. It contains lots of detailed close-ups and has a great deal to teach about thick paint.


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Updated: 20th June 2024
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