324: The Difficult Truth

–I recently came across a video by Jeffrey R.Watts that had a lot of valuable information, especially for young artists. Watts spoke candidly about what it takes to become an artist. Before watching the video I had never known his work, possibly because I might have seen it and thought it was by Nicolai Fechin–Watts’ work is incredibly similar to that master painter. But the passion of Watts for teaching art comes through strong in the video. I’m not necessarily suggesting that artists enroll in his program, although anyone with his passion and clarity is a good candidate for being able to teach art well.

Regardless of the field of art you are pursuing I think Watts’ advice is good. I’m not sure an atelier experience would have been the ideal experience for me but I certainly wish I had access to this information when I was a young aspiring artist. Let me know what you think.

Brad Teare –May 2017

Spring Fields, (above), 17″ x 36″, oil on canvas, available at Anthony’s Fine Art

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Updated: 26th September 2023
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