304: A Massive Thank You

–I’M coming to the end of an incredibly productive period. I want to thank everyone who gave me a boost via social media. Even though I didn’t have time to respond to every like and comment I deeply appreciate the energy you generated on my behalf. I wish you all could have been in the studio as I prepared for the Zions Artist Reception and the abstract show at Alpine Art. I was totally in the zone and painted up a storm. Your kind words were gratefully noted and added to the final results.

The painting included here was the painting I painted on during my gallery stroll demo (Yellow Arc, 60″ x 48″, acrylic on canvas). I think it turned out great and I didn’t add anything after the initial painting session. I thought I might have to sand a bit but the texture turned out exactly as I hoped. Many thanks to all those who came. (See a video of the demo here).

The next project, after resting during the Thanksgiving holiday, will be to prepare a series of oil landscapes in the vein of the oils I presented at the Zions Art Show. I hope to work a little bigger and connect with a gallery in Park City. If that goes well I will expand my gallery connections to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’m grateful for all of your help. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Brad Teare –November 2016

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Updated: 22nd June 2024
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