293: Adjusting a Painting

Spring Road, 12″ x 16″

–I PAINTED this painting at last week’s workshop. I did 90% of it with palette knives and the last 10% with brushes. When I got home it was late so I placed the painting in the bottom rack of the freezer. The cold will keep a painting wet for months if necessary. [Note: you should not place a painting or paints used with mineral spirits because they are toxic and will contaminate anything else you store in your freezer. I didn’t use any solvents in this piece since I cleaned the brushes with facial tissues throughout the painting process. I use solvents only for cleaning my brushes after my painting is finished.]

The following video explains some of my thinking as I adjust edges, shapes, values, and add minor details. I didn’t mix up any new paint–I just picked up bits of similar hued paint from excessive dollops on the canvas. I especially look for mechanical strokes to modify as I add texture when I am redistributing the paint.

I hope this is helpful to all those who attended the workshop.

Brad Teare –July 2016

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Updated: 7th February 2023
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