281: Cloudscape Using Lilly Paint

Cloudscape, 12″ x 12″, Oil on Canvas

– I WAS invited to an online group about thick paint from a fellow painter from Austria. Later I discovered he was also the creator of a line of artist oil paints specially formulated for painting thickly.

The inventor, Walter Haas, told me he was inspired by this blog to create his paint and offered to send me a set. It was always my most profound hope that the blog would be a catalyst for such endeavors and I was extremely honored. In the accompanying video, I paint a cloudscape with Lilly Paints. I found the paint has a unique quality especially suited to painting with impasto and the experience, due to its textural qualities, was nearly effortless. (Read interview with Walter Haas here).

In an email, Walter related that he experimented with a wide variety of mixtures to ensure a smooth yet thick paint. The paint really is unique–combining both fluidity and the ability to paint over preceding layers without effort. My compliments to Lilly for making such a fantastic line of paint (to see their line of pigments click here).

Many thanks to Walter Haas and Lilly Paints

Brad Teare —April 2016

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Updated: 24th September 2023
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