288: Workshop Preparation

–FOR those attending my workshop at Weber State University this Friday, June 24, 2016 I thought it would be beneficial to review some basic principles we will be using during the class. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all the following ideas. We will review everything covered below in greater detail. The two images shown will be used in class to transfer the motif to a tinted canvas. You are welcome to bring your own reference but please make sure it is proportional to a 12” x 18” canvas and that you have a gray version that is divided into thirds with a color version the same size and proportions.

I will be providing grayscales for everyone to use. To review the basic theory of the grayscale watch

this video:

It would also be beneficial to review zone theory which can be reviewed here:
Mixing greens is always a challenge. Learn the best practices here:
Additional color information can be gleaned here:
We will be blocking color in with palette knives (which will be provided) so you might want to review this video:
Paints, canvases and all necessary supplies will be provided. I’m looking forward to the workshop. See you soon.
Brad Teare –June 2016

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