165 Great opportunity

I was recently contacted by Gbox–a new video streaming provider. They wanted me to create  unique video content for their new venture. They offered me a fantastic royalty arrangement and an opportunity to generate funds for the Thick Paint project. Everyone who registers with them will receive three dollars worth of credit. My video is being offered for $.99 and I hope you will avail yourselves of his chance to watch what I hope will be a rewarding video and at the same time help push the Thick Paint project forward. Note that when you hit the buy now button a dialog box appears at the right. Type in your email and name and you should have $3 added to you account even though it says you don’t have funds. Just hit the play button and it should play without you adding any funds.  Many thanks for your support! Let me know what you think of this new service.


The video is about painting from the imagination but also about getting things right. If you can see the painting in your minds eye you can paint it. But sometimes it is difficult to bring that internal vision into focus. This abstract painting was done as a type of color study–I think of it as a guide to keep my memory on track.

Brad Teare April 2014

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Updated: 3rd February 2023
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