147 Another acrylic 1 of 3

I had quite a few requests to do another acrylic video showing all the steps beginning with the sketch. This video is part one of a three part series. The third video will be how to lubricate the canvas with retarding gel and paint into the wet surface. I wasn’t entirely pleased with how the distant hills ended up and I think repainting it along with the tops of the trees might be advisable.

Uncharacteristically I’m using Liquitex Basics which is a student grade acrylic paint. But it is great to use as an underpainting because it dries very thin. It also has a matte surface, from additives, which makes it easy to paint over. Normally I use Golden Acrylics which have a thick full-bodied texture. If you add chalk to it you can get some really great textures.

As always let me know if you have any questions.

Brad Teare November 2013

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