136 Sketch video for Concert Window event

In preparation for the live demo that will be happening this Wednesday, September 11, at 9 PM EDT I filmed a video of me sketching the preliminary for the painting I will be starting. Wednesday night I will be painting a full color, full value underpainting live. I haven’t actually shown this aspect of my process very much in my videos so I think it will be of great interest to most thick paint enthusiasts.

I will be painting for approximately 40 minutes and interspersing the event with answers to your questions. My wife Debra Teare will be monitoring the computer as your questions come in. I think it will be really fun and I hope you will find the time to join us. Be sure to grab a ticket at Concert Window (just $1) sometime before the event (although I think you can still login after the event starts).

Brad Teare September 2013

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