127 Painting a small landscape

In this video I paint a small 8″ x 10″ landscape using a purple couch (or layer of medium). I used a colored couch because it imparted the purple hue into all of my colors giving a unified color scheme. Purple is a good color to use in a composition with a lot of green because it tends to mellow and harmonize the greens. I used Cobalt violet because it is a very weak color. If I had used Dioxazine purple or Carbazole violet the couch probably would have been too insistent and would have overpowered the other colors.

Note that in order to add some more texture to the foreground (after erroneouly eliminating some really sweet strokes) I added the feel of texture by scraping into the grass and embankment with the end of my brush. You won’t see this in the video but you will see the final results in the photo in the upper right (click it to enlarge).

Brad Teare June 2013

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Updated: 13th July 2024
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