82 Thick Acrylic 2 of 2

IN THIS VIDEO I finish up my painting that is painted with thick, multihued acrylic strokes. I failed to elaborate the scratching technique but it is clearly visible in the closing frames of the video. Let me know if you would like me to elaborate on the sgraffito technique.

Overall I was somewhat surprised how well the experiment went. Here are a few things to remember when painting with thick acrylic:

Be sure to seal the canvas with acrylic medium. An absorbent ground will make your paint dry too fast.

Use plenty of paint in your palette box (and keep your piles of paint on well saturated paper towels).

Use plenty of paint on your brush and on your canvas. Thick applications dry slow.

Keep paint loosely mixed. Over mixing creates drab, lack-luster strokes. Multihued strokes vibrate with intensity and resemble the scintillating colors of nature.

Remember that glazing and scumbling reduce the vitality of broken color, so use those techniques wisely.

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Updated: 12th July 2024
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