359: A New Chapter, and a Mentorship Group

—AS MANY of you know, my wife, Debra Teare, passed away four years ago. For those who have experienced such a loss, you know such trauma activates unexpected changes in your life. For me, not being able to write was one of those changes. There were many others, one of the worst was the inability to read long passages, which prohibited me from reading anything substantial. Since reading was one of life’s great pleasures, that was particularly difficult to bear. I was able to listen to books on tape.

Grief is a very individual process. I’ve since met many people struggling with grief, and I know every individual has to find their own way forward. Everyone suffers differently, and everyone needs to find their own answers. One of the best books I listened to was Everything Happens for a Reason by Mira Kirshenbaum. She is a holocaust survivor, and her story is neither sentimental nor superficial. The book’s thesis was the solution I needed. Your experience may differ.

Those who have not experienced the loss of a beloved spouse may wonder why it took so long to recover the will to write. That remains a mystery. But I’m grateful I retained my ability to

The Power of Yellowstone, 24″ x 24″ , oil on canvas. To watch of video about this painting and for more  insights into my process click here.

paint. Painting got me through the worst part of the grieving process.

Now is the time to start a new chapter. To commemorate, I’m beginning a new mentoring group to help fellow artists take their paintings and careers to new levels. Like all new but essential endeavors, we will start small but grow in scope. If you want to take your drawing and painting to new heights, I hope you will join me on this new journey. Sign up at Mastrius.com

—Brad Teare, Providence, Utah 

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Updated: 25th September 2023
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