295: Acrylic Landscape/Abstract fusion

–IN this video I demonstrate how I fuse my experimentations with abstraction with conventional landscape. I use the underpainting not only as a map to indicate features but as a foil against which to play the final colors. The underpainting provides additional field effects, as I leave patches and scrape down in places. The underpainting also provides the necessary texture for a broken color effect.

In the final step I add pointillistic dashes and dots using my newly acquired acrylic markers. The markers give an extremely spontaneous stroke although they don’t have any texture–they go on extremely flat. But this thin, flat layer can be sanded as soon as the paint is dry to reveal the rough textures beneath.

It’s a very flexible technique that promises lots of opportunity to explore. I won’t get bored any time soon.

Brad Teare –July 2016

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Updated: 12th July 2024
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