285: Promote Your Work

Cover to new abstract collection

–IN my continuing quest to secure quality promotional material I assembled a new collection of abstracts using Blurb, the online, on-demand publisher. I’ve used them before and found their magazine option the most useful (their books are prohibitively expensive for leave-behind material).

I created the magazine using InDesign and exported it as a PDF–by far the most convenient method if you use InDesign. Preview the entire magazine by clicking the cover below (or this link). Note that I moved the title on this edition so the preview bar on the Blurb site would not obscure the title.

An interesting option with Blurb is the ability to simultaneously post a PDF version. Check out the downloadable option here

As soon as the magazines are delivered I intend to travel the short distance from my studio to Park City and connect with a quality abstract gallery. After I select a gallery my hope is the magazine will be a useful sales tool to persuade the gallery director to sell my work. Of all possible approaches I feel most comfortable with this more personable one. I will let you know how it goes.

Brad Teare –May 2016

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