283: My books on Wattpad and Amazon

–MY Wattpad book, The Art of Thick Paint, is being featured this month as an example of a book with embedded images and video. I will be migrating the book to Amazon in two months so if you want to read it for free now is a good time to check it out (scroll down after clicking on the book cover to read with black text on white paper):

Also my book on Blurb is 25% off via the Blurb site (click on the full screen icon to get a better view of each page):

ABSTRACTS by Brad Lloyd Teare | Make Your Own Book

Use the code MYBOOKSALE25. This 25% off offer is good until May 6, 2016. I’m also offering the landscape book via Amazon within a few days but I suggest if you want the book you use the 25% off code as it is a much a better deal. I also have the book 53 Paintings and Several Woodcuts on Amazon for free if you have Kindle Unlimited ($2.99 if you don’t).

I really appreciate your interest in my work and your continued support of this blog. With many thanks,

Brad Teare –May 2016

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Updated: 20th June 2024
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