263: Ideas for the New Year

Desert Blossom, 9″ x 9″, woodcut

IN the coming year I want to shake up this blog by exploring new ideas. Chief among them will be painting with thinner paint. The time has come to discover how to apply paint as thinly as possible while retaining the effect of scintillating color. Don’t worry–I’m not giving up painting in impasto–I just feel the need to give more variety to the painting surface by having both thick and thin paint.

I also hope to review more DVDs that use thinner painting methods. There should be more to select from in this genre so if you know of any excellent DVDs please let me know which you would like me to review.

I also hope to do more technical videos including painting oils on a smaller scale as well as a video or two about printing woodcuts (since I will be printing a few for my woodcut show in April 2016).

I’m also very excited to review Lilly Oil Paint, an Austrian brand that was inspired by painting in thick impasto as related by this blog. The owner of the company, Walter Haas, invited me to a LinkedIn group about thick paint. In the course of our communication I offered to review his paints and he sent me a set of beautiful pigments. The paints are specially formulated for impasto and seem very promising.

I have another abstract show slated for July/August. I intend to paint an entirely new body of work. I’ve been experimenting with making acrylic skins and other interesting techniques–so I will include the occasional acrylic abstract entry.

As always, if you have any suggestions I hope you will add a comment.

Wishing you the very best New Year.

Brad Teare –December 2015

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Updated: 6th December 2023
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