229: Acrylic ideas and tips

Evolution of Blue, 48″ x 36″, acrylic

Acrylic is an amazingly flexible medium–if you know how to use it. In the video below–another free Gbox exclusive–I demonstrate several tips and practices that will broaden your acrylic mark making repertoire.

Included in this 20 minute video are ideas on how to use sgraffito (scratching) to add complexity to your abstracts. Also included are ideas about painting into a dry acrylic painting as if painting wet-into-wet using retarder medium.

Additionally I show how I recycle ice cream jars to store a variety of acrylic painting mixtures as well as other useful ideas. For example I use AYL Silicone gloves (see link below) to open acrylic jars when they become nearly impossible to open. The gloves have really saved my hands since in the past I could almost pull the skin off trying to open dried acrylic jars.

Let me know what you think of the video. I hope you find some useful ideas to improve your acrylic painting.

Brad Teare–May 2015


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Updated: 5th December 2023
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