154 Thick encaustics 2 of 2

In this second video I add chalk to the encaustic pigments. Not only does it make a very usable impasto application it also strengthens the paint film. The image at left is a close-up of the texture (click image to see larger view). In the larger view you can see how I scraped into the paint to give added texture. I thought the chalk might impart a matt finish but the impasto sections buffed up nicely just like regular encaustic.

The only real problem was that adding chalk changed the melting point. When I went to melt and fuse the various layers of pigment the layers of paint that didn’t have the chalk melted first. It wasn’t a huge problem and there are various solutions. Overall I think the increased impasto was worth the complications of multiple melting points. Below is a link to the cheapest source of chalk I have found. Since encaustics are so expensive it is nice to have a reasonably priced additive.

If you give it a try let me know if you had comparable results.

Brad Teare January 2014

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Updated: 1st October 2022
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