100 Painting with paint

I‘VE USED THE EXPRESSION paint with paint many times in this blog. What I mean is the paint brush should be a means to apply paint not a means to scrub paint into the canvas, obliterating the fresh texture and complex color. It is the same with the palette knife. Use the knife as a means of delivering paint. Try to avoid applying paint in a scraping fashion. Remind yourself you are painting with paint.

Recently I have found myself applying nearly all the paint with the knife, at least in the preliminary phases of the painting (which in the case of plein air painting is nearly the entire session). I then might go back and add texture to the thick passages by carefully stroking with a bristle brush. I do this to relieve the monotony of texture the knife too often imparts.

It’s an interesting effect, one that can be over done. But the knife is fast and efficient, two great traits especially when painting outdoors. I’ll do an upcoming video on painting primarily with the palette knife.

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Brad Teare September 2012

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