Original artwork debuted at
Eiteljorg Museum

What inspired Teare’s Peace of Early Autumn painting?

Teare’s Peace of Early Autumn is a stunning oil painting that captures the beauty of the transitional season. The painting, measuring 36 inches x 36 inches, showcases Teare’s mastery of colors and textures.

Peace of Early Autumn 36″ x 36″

The painting is set in late summer, where the colors have started to change, but the warmth of summer still lingers. The sky has a soft blue tint, while the distant hills are losing their lush greenery, making way for reds and oranges. The foliage on the trees is a combination of grayer greens and yellows, while the once deep blue sky is fading to a subtler hue as high clouds refract the lowering light of the sun.

Teare’s use of a palette knife creates a rich texture of oppositional colors that harmoniously vibrate against each other. The composition is anchored by a Lombardy Poplar tree, whose dramatic verticality punctuates the western landscape. The colors of the poplar shift from yellow-green at the top down to a deep reddish purple at its base, while the graying trunks stand out against the shifting foliage.

The composition is led by a zig-zagging road that disappears around a bend, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. The original composition was from a plein air sketch, which Teare modified to create a more pleasing design. By manipulating the two-dimensional energy of the scene, he created a maximally intriguing composition that captures the essence of the fleeting moments of summer transitioning to fall.

The painting was debuted at the 2022 Quest for the West show at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, Indiana, where it was the second painting to sell in Teare’s sold-out show. As a result, he was invited to attend the 2023 event, where he will be presenting a new collection of paintings from the American West.

In Peace of Early Autumn, Teare has captured the ephemeral beauty of the changing season. The painting evokes a deep yearning to hold onto those fleeting moments that are soon gone but forever precious. It is a true masterpiece that showcases Teare’s skill and talent, and it is no surprise that it was one of the first paintings to sell in his show.

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Peace of Early Autumn 36″ x 36″