273: Painting an Acrylic, parts 3 and 4

6″ x 6″ closeup

HERE are parts 3 and 4 in which I finish the 36′ x 36′ acrylic, Waiting for Spring. This painting session (comprising both parts 3 and 4) took about 45 minutes.

My first step was to cover the entire canvas with a mixture of 15% Utrecht Retarder Gel and 85% Golden Clear Tar Gel. I used the mixture to lubricate the canvas like oiling up with oil medium on a dried oil surface. The medium has a milky consistency common to acrylic mediums but dries totally clear (clear tar gel dries with a resin-like surface that I really love).

One of the goals of this session was to reach back into my artistic history and connect with methods and techniques over which I had acquired mastery. I found this specific process to be extremely intriguing as it allowed me to incorporate elements from drawing and printmaking. 

I look forward to your comments.

Brad Teare –March 2016

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Updated: 25th September 2023
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